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Barnes & Noble: Former CEO was ousted for sexual harassment

Investigating a workplace sexual harassment claim is almost invariably messy. In many cases, only the alleged victim and perpetrator were present during the events and, ultimately, the situation may come down to the credibility of the parties. That seems to be the case in the recent ouster of Demos Parneros,...

Study finds backlash against men who stand up for others at work

As part of the #MeToo movement, a lot of people have been sharing stories about sexual harassment and gender discrimination they have experienced in the workplace. From that discussion will come a general sense of the severity of the problem and, a lot of people hope, some solutions. One possible...

Retaliation Claims May Proceed Even When an Underlying Discrimination Claim is Unsuccessful or Unavailable

When an employee submits a claim or complaint of discrimination or harassment in good faith, it is illegal, under both Kentucky and federal law, for the employer to retaliate against the employee. However, can an employee who has suffered retaliation successfully sue even if her underlying claim for discrimination isn’t...

Mandatory Arbitration Agreements Don't Always Preclude Defective Product Lawsuits

You probably heard about the problems cellular phone maker Samsung experienced several years ago. The company's Galaxy S7 Edge phone had an alleged manufacturing defect, causing it to spontaneously combust. The phones have since been recalled from the market. Nonetheless, the legal battles following the fallout are ongoing. In today's...

Five Tips for Effective Sexual Harassment Training

You’ve probably held sexual harassment training at your company. What was the outcome? Did it reduce improper behavior in your workplace? Did it change your company’s culture? Did it even hold your employees’ attention? Far too often, the answer is no. Many sexual harassment trainings seem to exist merely to...

Do you have a policy on Airbnb for business travel?

In the "sharing economy," people contract with facilitators like Lyft and Airbnb to provide services like rides and lodgings. In many cases, the sharing economy can be less costly than, say, taxis and hotels. Employers are strongly encouraged to draft and disseminate a policy that addresses these alternative travel arrangements...

Employers Can Require Employees to Waive Class- and Collective-Action Claims in Arbitration Agreements

In May, a 5-4 majority of the U.S. Supreme Court held that employers may require workers to sign mandatory arbitration agreements that waive an employee’s right to participate in class and collective actions. Arbitration agreements generally require employees to resolve employment disputes individually through arbitration, rather than through a court...

Judge: Bankruptcy won’t protect Weinstein Co. from liability

Now-defunct film company the Weinstein Co. has declared bankruptcy in Delaware. In most cases, bankruptcy protects individuals and businesses from pending lawsuits, but a judge in the Weinstein case has ruled that lawsuits from alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein may move forward during the bankruptcy proceedings.A group of women has...
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