Receiving a discrimination or harassment complaint from an employee, or worse, having a government investigator appear without notice at the office, is as disappointing as it is unsettling. Employee complaints about any kind of misconduct and government investigations into any kind of compliance violations can create tension in the workplace, reduce productivity and morale, and lead to costly legal battles.

At Lockaby PLLC, we conduct a variety of internal investigations and audits, from investigation of reports of discrimination and sexual harassment and other complaints of employee misconduct to audits of equal-pay and worker-classification issues, among others. We stand side-by-side with employers and their management, helping them preserve the attorney-client privilege for these sensitive matters and offering realistic action plans for fair, speedy, and efficient resolution on a cost-effective basis.

We also defend employers against a litany of investigations by government agencies, including the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. National Labor Relations Board, and the Kentucky Labor Cabinet. We have successfully defended investigations into child-labor practices, various unfair-labor practices, and wage-and-hour violations, such as unpaid minimum wages, unpaid overtime wages, and meal- and rest-break violations, often obtaining dismissals of the claims or charges, limiting or narrowing the scope of the investigation, and/or negotiating decreased fines and penalties.

Whether we are conducting an internal investigations or defending a government-agency investigation, our lawyers, which include the former General Counsel of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet’s Department of Workers’ Claims and Department of Workplace Standards, have the necessary expertise to effectively interview witnesses, quickly synthesize competing facts and information, and provide sound, reasoned, and practical counsel to directors, officers, business owners, risk managers, insurance carrier representatives, management, and HR professionals.

Our successful results speak for themselves:

Obtained dismissal/closure of Kentucky Labor Cabinet investigation of professional services client related to complaints of worker misclassification and unpaid overtime wages.

Obtained favorable settlement of Kentucky Labor Cabinet investigation of construction client for alleged OSHA violations, effectively limiting the scope of the investigation and reducing total fines and penalties.

Obtained favorable settlement of U.S. Department of Labor investigation of food service client related to complaints of unpaid wages, limiting the temporal scope of the investigation and minimizing total liabilities.

Conducted investigation of employee sexual-harassment complaint against non-profit client, providing guidance to Executive Director and culminating in the avoidance of litigation and legal exposure.