Labor & Employment – Employees

All too often, employees do not understand the details of or the fine print in their employment agreements and other workplace-related contracts. We help employees by carefully reviewing, evaluating, and negotiating contract terms and conditions to help protect their rights and interests.

In particular, we work with officers, executives, and upper-level management to review and negotiate proposed employment agreements (including deferred compensation plans, such as incentive options and restricted and unrestricted stock options, among others) and we help employees and independent contractors at all levels review, evaluate, negotiate, and/or litigate non-competition, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure covenants, contractor agreements, and severance and separation agreements.

Have you been presented with an employment agreement to review and sign? Have you been presented with a non-compete agreement? Or perhaps you’ve just received a severance agreement to review? Call us today – we’ll help you review the contract language, explain in layman’s terms exactly what you’re signing, and advise you on the legal implications. In select instances, we are able to negotiate more favorable terms and more fully protect your rights and interests.

Qui Tam and Whistleblower Litigation

Whistleblowers help not only the government identify fraudulent activity, they also help protect businesses and their employees. We assist employees with the investigation and prosecution of whistleblower complaints of wrong-doing, such as financial mismanagement, investment fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, and illegal kickbacks, to name just a few.

We work in conjunction with state and federal officials, including United States Attorneys, to pursue claims for fraud on behalf of the government. In most instances, whistleblowers are eligible for compensation based upon a percentage of the total amount recovered by the government, as well as their legal fees, costs, and expenses.

Blowing the whistle can be daunting for a variety of reasons. We handle each and every situation with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity, and work tirelessly with government officials to secure the best possible recovery. Have you been asked to perform illegal activities at work? Are you aware of fraudulent activities going on in the workplace? Call us today for a free consultation.