A Modern And Holistic Approach To Estate Planning

For most people, estate planning has long been a one-and-done, set-it-and-forget-it exercise. They meet with a lawyer, they sign a bunch of documents they didn’t read and didn’t really understand, and they put the documents on a shelf never to think about again, much like the lawyer that prepared them.

But the laws change. Assets change. And family dynamics change. If your estate plan doesn’t change with them, it won’t be worth the paper it’s written on and it won’t protect your family when it matters most.

At Lockaby PLLC, we’re different. We want to be your personal lawyer—for life.

Under our modern approach, we tailor estate plans to the distinctive needs of each client and each family. We’ll preserve your wealth and protect your assets. We’ll keep your family out of court and out of conflict. And we’ll review and update your estate plan on a regular basis—throughout your life—so it actually works the way you want.

Estate planning, of course, is about more than just the documents. Your financial assets are just one part of your overall wealth. Your family, and every family, has human, intellectual, and spiritual capital worth preserving and passing on—the values, principals, and stories that make every family unique. We’ll bring your family closer together by guiding and promoting dialogue about your plan, by fostering responsible stewardship and preservation of assets, and by helping succeeding generations pursue their callings.

Our Three – Step Proven Process

Our three-step proven process results in fully-customized Kentucky estate plans that can meet every need and every budget.

Step 1 – Life & Legacy Planning Session

Your first meeting with us is a two-hour working meeting where we get to know you, your family, your assets, and, most importantly, what matters to you the most. We also design your estate plan by providing you with the knowledge you need to make informed and empowered decisions regarding your and your family’s future.

Step 2 – Signing Ceremony

Thirty days after your Life & Legacy Interview, you’ll meet with us again to sign all of the documents that are a part of your estate plan – wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, HIPAA authorizations, and more.

Step 3 – Life & Legacy Interview

Thirty days after your Signing Ceremony, we’ll meet again to discuss your family’s human, spiritual, and intellectual capital and how you can pass all of it along to the generations that follow. This step in our process, widely regarded by clients as by far their favorite and most fulfilling, is truly what sets us apart and what will make us your family lawyer for life.

Schedule Your Life & Legacy Planning Session Today

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