Class Actions, Collective Actions and Complex Litigation

If an employer mistreats one employee, there’s a chance that one or more co-workers have experienced the same mistreatment. Similarly, if a product or service has injured you in some way, physically or financially, there’s a chance that others have experienced the same harm or injury.

Lockaby PLLC is one of the few firms in Kentucky that has both prosecuted and defended class action claims and collective actions. We handle these special proceedings on behalf of employees and employers, as well as victims and consumers.

Examples of the types of cases that may be eligible for class-action or collective-action treatment include:

  • Wage and hour law violations, such as the denial of minimum wages, overtime wages, or meal and rest breaks;
  • Misclassification of employees as independent contractors or as otherwise exempt from laws requiring payment of overtime wages;
  • Workplace discrimination;
  • Consumer products liability (dangerous and defective products); and
  • Consumer business practices.

Proactive Guidance Through Complex Litigation

The path for a remedy for large groups of individuals, whether employees or consumers, is much more complicated in class actions and collective actions than that available to a single employee or plaintiff. This is where experience counts, and our proactive approach to preparing each case is particularly important.

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